Antenna is also called the “Cauldron” we are familiar with, which is made of  parabolic metal.  It is applied to reflect the satellite signal into feed and LNB at focus point. In general, the bigger the antenna diameter is, the stronger the program signal is and the higher the receiving quality is. But considering expense and assembly, users often need smaller antenna aperture. Such as, in Asia3S, domestic digital programs at C-band just need our 1.5m or smaller antenna to get high-quality images and audio; while for programs at Ku-band, DBS like Korean Satellite just need 0.6 m even 0.35m offset antenna. But to receive the same program, the same diameter antenna of other brands can’t reach this because of lower quality, accuracy and gain.

Thus, we suggest you to choose products with reliable quality, excellent craft and high precision like Antesky antennas. For antenna with top quality, they require high accuracy, corrosion resistance of surface, strong wind loading, high efficiency, high gain and durable service etc.


Among many fanciers and customers, satellite antennas can be divided into prime focus antenna and offset antenna. Prime focus antenna is namely the “Cauldron” we always called to receive C-band programs; while offset antenna is also called “Konabe” to receive Ku-band antenna. Different from prime focus antenna, offset antenna has oval appearance, shallower surface camber and lower elevation.

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