satellite emergency communication of China C54 antenna Group

    China C54 antenna Group provides different solutions for satellite emergency communication by its rich experience and technological superiority on satellite communication, computer network, video conference and integrated display control system. These solutions can meet the requirements of emergency communication support and communication recovering so that assures the safe and smooth of the communication. 

1System composition

Satellite emergency communication command system can be divided into main station system, vehicle-mounted emergency communication system, portable emergency communication system according to different usages and configuration. The system composition is as follows:

★Satellite communication equipment: Including antenna, power amplifier, LNB, modem etc.

★Computer network equipment: Including network switch, router etc.

★Voice communication equipment: Including voice gateway, VOIP equipments etc..

★Video display equipment: Including LSD equipment, all kinds of monitors etc.

★Common control equipment: Center control and matrix switch equipments etc.

★Video and audio encoding and decoding equipment: Including video conference terminal, Video and audio encoder and decoder etc.

★Video and audio collecting device: Including DV, individual wireless images transmission system etc.

★Corollary equipment: Including cabinet, power supply, anti-thunder, ground connection equipments etc.

2System function

★ Realize satellite communication, and provide communication platform for variable information transmission.

★Realize video and audio information collecting, managing, transmitting and displaying.

★Realize the concentrated switch controlling of video signal and computer signal.

3System features

★Adopt satellite communication method with less restriction of environment and long distance transmission.

★Adopt stellate, full mesh or hybrid network topology. No need for center station, flexible and convenient to do network organization.

★Private network puts into special use, and with stable bandwidth. The quality of communication is with reliability.