Solution for boat-mounted MSAT communication system

Boat-mounted broadband satellite communication system is suitable for users in fishery, frontier defence, coast defence, army, scientific investigation, marine geophysical prospecting, petroleum, atmosphere, fishing, ocean transportation etc. It can realize functions of point-to-point, multipoint to multipoint, broadcast network communication, broadband network etc. Boat-mounted broadband satellite communication system includes: earth satellite main station system and boat-mounted satellite communication system.

Earth satellite main station system:

The main functions of earth satellite main station system are: build the satellite communication link for boat-mounted equipments, receive all the information transmitted on boat-mounted platform and transmit the information to each communication target point through backbone network, as well forward the information instructions downlink from earth equipment to the related equipment on boat-mounted platform.

Boat-mounted satellite communication system:

Boat-mounted satellite communication system can realize bothway video, audio and data network communication with earth satellite main station at the same time. According to its logical construction, it can be divided into communication layer and application layer. According to its function, it can be divided into communication subsystem, audio and video subsystem, station control subsystem, power supply subsystem.

Communication subsystem is mainly to build multiple communication links, and realize signal seamless link function, including satellite communication system, router switch system, short wave radio system, mobile communication accessing station etc.

Audio and video subsystem is mainly to collect, store, live broadcast and convert signals, including audio and video collecting system, storage system, and satellite TV receiving system, switching matrix, encoder and decoder, VOIP language gateway and matching terminal equipments.

Station control subsystem is mainly to finish the controlling function of each target equipment, and keep each part of system running coordinately, normally and efficiently. It consists of IPC, control equipment of each interface and satellite NMS. Station subsystem can realize satellite communication building links control, network control, audio and video switch control, audio and video storage control, broadcast etc through the coordinating of computer software.

Power supply subsystem is mainly to provide continuous and stable power supply for the whole system, including UPS, battery, power distribution system, lightning protection grounding system etc.